top social bookmarking sites 2021


Free Social Bookmarking is the most popular off page seo techniques. This is the best way to get quality backlinks free with a targeted audience. top social bookmarking sites is also a proven way for digital marketing and seo.

When you share a link in quality bookmarking sites. Search engine will get a signal on that keyword to get a higher rank in search result.

Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites:

After Completed the on-page seo optimization you need to work on off page seo. If you are working on off-page seo the the social bookmarking site very important to rank higher in search engine.

Social bookmarking is the best off-page seo technique to index website or blog faster in search engine. This is the best method indexing article or blog post and promotion.

Top Rankings:

Everyone want to rank higher in search engine for their website. So that's the social bookmarking help in ranking on search engine.

Increase in Traffic:

social bookmarking website is the best source to increase traffic on your website.

Fast Indexing

Social bookmarking index the article or blog post fast in the google and other search engine because they have a high crawling budget.

Facts about Social Bookmarking Website.

• If your bookmarking on the social bookmarking website the will get a quality backlinks too

• You will get relevant traffic to viral your blog post.

• Due to huge traffic, you can improve the Page and Domain Authority of your website or blog.

• You may share your blog posts on lots of social media sites. This means you get a complete platform to make the socially active profile.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

Here is some tips to do a social bookmarking website some of them as follows

1. Choose the appropriate category.

2. Add appropriate and limited tags.

3. Follow the social bookmarking website's guidelines.

4. Describe your web page correctly.

5. Don't bookmark a single URL many times on same top social bookmarking sites.